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IfG.Research - Research Activities

IfG.Research primarily carries out projects related to basic research which are financed by the EU, the German federal government, the federal states, local administrations, private enterprises and foundations and other research funders. Furthermore, research projects are also carried out in conjunction with practitioners through concomitant research in order to support practical implementation.

The IfG.Research staff members publish regularly in their respective research subjects. These publications are journal articles, expert opinions, book chapters, conference proceedings or working papers.

IfG.Research promotes scientific dialog through workshops and conferences at the local, national and international level. IfG.CC experts take part in important international conferences, such as the annual conferences of the European Group on Public Administration (EGPA), the International Research Society for Public Management (IRSPM), the multi-conference information systems (MKWI) or the conference of administrative informatics (FTVI). In addition to active participation in such conferences IfG.Research regularly supports conferences in emerging and developing countries.

Through its executive director, Dr. Tino Schuppan, IfG.Research acts as editor of the German journal "Verwaltung und Management" (V&M) ("Administration and Management"). V&M one of the most important German-speaking journals in the area of public management and is published six times a year. Articles in the field of eGovernment are also regularly published in V&M.

In addition, through Dr. Tino Schuppan, IfG.Research is involved in the editorial work of the international journal "International journal of information Communication Technologies and Human Development” which is dedicated to the relationship between ICT applications and social and human development. The journal publishes analyses on the success or failure of ICT projects in development cooperation and experiences in different approaches to ICT projects by governments and international organizations, among other things.


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